Welcome to NRUDb (Natural Resources Usages Database)

NRUDb (Natural Resources Usages Database) is a project about nature in products of our everyday life (ethnobiology science). The goal of the project is to list the final applications resulting from the processing of natural resources by humans : it goes from the use of whale oil for lighting, to silk manufacturing thanks to tussah silkworm.
This project was released July 12, 2015 and started a few months before, so the database is very small.
Note of November 29, 2018 : 3 years have passed, this project has not really evolved for lack of time (adding data and development of the website itself). Other ideas came to me and I think I'll start this project more playfully than just a table of data (illustrations, texts about uses of ressources).
I am neither a scientist nor a writer, just an illustrator and a former web developer, so it's a big exercise for me.
Note that this site is a model whose only purpose is to present a project to make it evolve.

Last records :

Kingdom Resource Part Usage Field Region
Animal Muskox Horn Weapons - Greenland
Animal Muskox Horn Tools - Greenland
Animal Muskox Horn Ustensils - Greenland
Plant Ivory palm Fruit Substitute for ivory - -
Plant Ivory palm Fruit Jacket buttons - -
Plant Ivory palm Fruit Piano keys - -
Plant Ivory palm Fruit Jewelry - -
Plant Ivory palm Fruit Cutlery - -
Plant Ivory palm Fruit Small ornaments - -
Animal Camel Bones Substitute for ivory - -
Kingdom Resource Part Usage Field Region
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